Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day 2 pt. 2 - photos

On the naturist beach

Durlston Head


Strange collage in Swanage. Banksie?

Not a place to have a tumble

Inside 800 year old chapel at St Alban's Head

The chapel

A bit like something out of a nightmare

Typical SWCP scenery

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welshpaddler said...

Hi Conrad,

I think the term is canoeists, anyway that's what we used to call ourselves.
I was worried that you were going to post a selfie at the naturist beach!

Mark said...

Looks fantastic. I've always fancied trying a coastal LDP - this looks like very dramatic stuff.

mike M said...

More mural than collage, I'd say. Lovely pics.

Sir Hugh said...

Welshpaddler - thanks for that. I am humiliated,.of course I knew it, but will not make the mistake again.

Mark - after Wales and others I can highly recommend.

Mike M. - your pedantry shines as always - of corse you are correct.

mike M said...

Inspired by welshpaddler's correction of "canoers"...sorry for piling on like that! We call them paddlers here. The pics are fantastic.