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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day 6 - Portland to Puncknowle (North west of Abottsbury), Monday 8th Sept.

When I returned from the pub last night I met a lady hosteller from Cornwall who was a keen walker and we had a very pleasant chat. She was going to do the Portland circuit next day that I had done that day.

There were two German guys in my dorm seeing the UK by car and that was it - only four people staying at this large hostel in a prestigious location in the middle of a UK Indian Summer. Many of the people I have met in the three YHAs so far have been from abroad. I now have a better opinion of the YHA, but they seem to be closing more hostels than they open.

There was another tedious Tarmac walk back across the causeway to the mainland this morning, and despite having attended to my bodily needs at the hostel found myself taken short. At Ferry Bridge I chatted to the father-in-law of a restaurant owner through a high security fence, the restaurant being closed. With a bit of skilful conversation manipulation I was allowed in through the gate to use the facilities - something always turns up.

Further on I met a local dog walker and as we admired the view of the fleet (water trapped between Chesil Beach and the mainland) he told me that particular expanse had been used to test Barnes Wallace's bouncing bomb in the war.

I was aiming for a pub and campsite at Puncknowle which must be pronounced Punnal. It was an ambitious distance for my rackety body, and then I found I had to walk a mile or so on the excruciating Chesil Beach shingle followed by a mile steep climb inland and then steep descent to the village. A hotel on the way wanted £90 for B and B - I pressed on.

Funny how one forgets the tricks of camping. I left my walking shirt, socks, and travel towel out to dry on the tent when I went to the pub. When I returned they were wet through with condensation.

Photos to follow.

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High Horse said...

Sounds like a hard day! Could have been worse - a fox could have made off with your socks!

Sir Hugh said...

HS - yes hard, but the country and scenery are worth the effort.