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Monday, 13 May 2019

Berwick/CastleCary Part 4 - Slideshow

Here is the Dropbox link to the slideshow (with captions) of my 14 days walking from Newport (Staffs) to Castle Cary, Somerset.

The original plan was conceived in 2017 to walk from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Castle Cary in one hit on a route plotted by myself. The table below shows the sequence of events leading to eventual completion.

I would add that I have done a lot of other walking, as recorded on this blog, .in between the events in the table

1.When Dropbox opens click on the first thumbnail photo.

2. Then click on the little arrow box at the bottom to see a proper slideshow, full screen, and with black background.


  1. A varied collection of images brought your trip to life.
    I recognised many places I'd walked through but hadn't realised when reading your narrative. My brain registers and retains views better than place names, not sure whether that is a general rule.

  2. This show really does show how the march of the rapists is taking over the southern counties - i was in Oxon and Warks the other day and saw the effects flashing bright yellow across the vales - not too bad when in flower, but for the next few months the dull green turning dull beige or buffish black is really really boring and ugly.
    Another system becoming more common is the covering of the soil with strip polythene - I guess it must be to both conserve moisture and lessen wind erosion in dry weather and water erosion in wet, for those crops where the soil is left bare - like maize - and potatoes perhaps, as it saves furrowing: I wonder if a total resource analysis has been done - cost of single use polythene against crop yield and soil savings: somehow one has one's doubts. Subsidised by Brussels, it must be assumed - their last stand, perhaps !
    An interesting conspectus of the walk - have you thought of a distillation of the entire expedition from B to C(C) ?

  3. BC - Yes, It's a pity it is so difficult to include all photos on the hoof, but then a non-stip slideshow does give a better overall impression in one go.


    gimmer - The other three sections of the walk were covered by their own slideshows which were linked on posts at the time. I will do another post now including those other three links. That may help some readers who I reckon never get as far as the comments on these posts.