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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Day 14 - final day

Shepton Mallet to Castle Cary

Nearly all fields today. Paths and stiles etc were fairly good but I felt tired and only progressed slowly but it was only ten miles so was able to arrive at my FINAL DESTINATION by 3:30. The old knee, that is the  First knee was a bit sore and my left ankle was playing up spasmodically so I reckon two weeks is enough. This saga had to be finished and I have enjoyed it, especially yesterday when I took forty photos - I think enjoyment may be measured by the number of photos taken. Slide show to follow.

The train ticket app I used is called Trainline. Once you have downloaded the app and registered it is relatively easy- it was registering that gave me problems, but that was perhaps just me. You end up with one of those icon things on your mobile that looks like a scrambled chess board which cans be read by the train conductor - fingers crossed.


  1. 'Well done', is the sound echoing across the country. You did it at last!


  2. Glad you made it Conrad. We are in Arnside for a few days but I promise there will be no bunting on your return. Well done though.

  3. Well done once again. Enjoyed the trip.
    Safe journey home, speak to you later.
    Trainline. I use it all the time.
    Managed to book a single to Thurso instead of a return by mistake yesterday , just been on the phone to them now and they [Delhi based lovely man] were a great help and now I have a return ticket for the same semi expensive price. I think!

  4. Just been listening to the Liverpool - Barcelona match, unbelievable 4-0. I reveal that you are a closet Jurgen Klopp fan despite knowing little about football.

  5. Well done from me...and what a lovely walk.
    You can now enjoy a few day's of rest at home as you plan your next trip :-)
    Thanks for info re: Trainline - that's my app of choice for train tickets.

  6. Alan R - thanks. I will be back home today late pm. If you are still in Arnside Thursday it Friday you would both be welcome for a brew. I will email you my phone number.


    Gimmer and Phreerunner - thanks.


    BC - glad to hear you’ ve Finally got round to finish your lejog project. I assume that means all is ok. I will call you when I get back unless you’ve already departed. I’m sat here at 9:00 am waiting for a lift to Castle Cary station.

  7. Well done from me too. No doubt you feel a great sense of satisfaction at, dare I say it, ‘Compleating’.