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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Day 8

Kilcot Inn. To Travelodge Gloucester

Wednesday 1st May 2019

A contrast from yesterday in two ways. Today I felt really fit and yesterday I was tired from start to finish - must be settling in now. Also today was nearly all on footpaths not roads. They were short sections giving variety and frequently changing interest. The difference being that I was mostly on the Three Choirs Way long distance path. Although it is hardly waymarked with their logo the standard footpath signs sufficed and the paths reasonably well maintained ( except for the stiles.).

A large field of wheat had not had a path made across its middle. To go round would have added half a mile, it was so huge.  A..n. other had obviously walked through recently and I followed. The only people I have spoken to all day was one farmer and another farmer with an immaculately maintained 1963 tractor. . Where is everybody? It is only by walking through these regions that you realise what huge expanses of unoccupied countryside we have. I walked fro 8:00am to 4:30pm without a stop for anything and felt quite fresh on arrival.

There was a cycle route that took me to within a few hundred yards of the Travelodge in Gloucester where I have just eaten - at least it will keep me going.

One luxury I allowed myself for this trip was an electric toothbrush. I bought a children’s lightweight model powered by one aaa battery. Changing the battery needs a micro screwdriver with a one mm. blade ( not supplied.) I attached o ne with Sellotape. Last night it fell off and vanished down the plug hole. That could have been total disaster but I couldn’t help enjoying the jolly tinkling noise as it went.

Tomorrow I will follow the Gloucester Sharpness canal. I have previously walked the Severn Way  the river following roughly the same line as the canal.


  1. That's a very pleasant day's walk.
    Super shot of the tractor and the colour-coordinated farmer, AlanR will be delighted!
    Travelodges are good, I've used them a couple of times now, in fact I'll be using one on next week's TGO Challenge.

  2. JJ - especially the breakfasts!

  3. Travelodges - nowadays I use them all the time when on business, after I was recommend the one in Hemel Hempstead by a client: i like them mainly for the 'Dreamer' beds - of which I have since bought two or three for home use - and the surprisingly spacious rooms. And, whilst not cheap, they are better value than their competition.
    But never the breakfasts - once they gave me the pre-packed version - a baleful exercise in synthetic inedibles and overpackaging.
    Like all chains, sometimes good, sometimes unbearable - usually down to the staff on duty, of course. Not quite sure if the style suits a walking or backpacking tour - something incongruous about that -
    I used to use the 'up-market' B&B's you favoured, but I too find their 'earliest breakfasts' 'under protest' at 0830 quite impractical.

  4. Gimmer - on these trips you are glad to take anything that is available within reasonable radius of your day’s terminus. I too felt a bit out of place with the suits gazing out over the town from several floors up. I did notice also a sprinkling of hi-viz attire - workers perhaps on the way to clean and seal floors subsidised by their employees. This time I don’t seem
    To have found the b and bs you refer to - not sure why.

  5. A good utility machine. That one looks good. 45hp in a 3 cylinder engine. 2 wheel drive. They didn’t make these for long just 3 or 4 yrs. Enjoying your journey Conrad.

  6. The guy was so pleased when I asked him to be in the photo.

  7. Residing down the plug hole of Bertie's shower room sink is one of my earrings. Alas, it didn't make a jolly tinkling sound as it went.