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Friday, 3 May 2019

Day 10

Tudor Inn, Shepherd’s Patch, Sharpness Gloucester canal to Alveston , south of Rothbury

Yesterday I forgot to mention  the fishing match. There was one in progress as I walked down the canal, but only about six anglers. How often have you seen them and thought “I bet they never catch anything.” Just as I arrived one of the guys netted what he said was a large breem and I didn’t disagree. I suggested he should be in line for a win but he replied dourly “early days.”

Further on two cruisers came into view - they were from the Willow Trust who I think look after kids with problems. I waved my poles and had a very cheery response from them all - it’s heartwarming to see a bit of good being done.

All was good also at the Tudor Inn where I ate and camped in August 2013 whilst walking the Severn Way. Paths crossing again.This being another bank holiday weekend I had a lot of trouble finding accommodation and had to go off my plotted route to the Alveston House Hotel south of Rothbury
which meant a lot of time re-plotting on Memory Map. Although it was nearly 14 miles  much was flat and on minor roads. One section across fields had a dreadful collection of stiles. I ended up trespassing into the back door of a children’s adventure playground with animal attractions, crazy golf and much more including for me a café - coffee and shortbread cherry sandwich - not bad.

I am sensing homing in on my destination with the change of accents and the regular use of “my lovely”

When I choose photos Blogger does not put them in the same order. I have taken many more and hope to do a good slideshow with captions from home. The first photo is a cricket pitch facing onto a main road and not far from wicket to  boundary. If there have been no road accidents to date I reckon it is only a question of time.

The next one is just a bit of long grass across the whole extent of a field supposed to be a public footpath. The third is a stile - the photo foreshortens. The approach was a deep trough and the fencing leaned back towards one, impossible for me to climb; I squeezed between the bars.


  1. Intrigued with your progress and postings, [with your technical difficulties]
    They are the strangest three photos you've ever posted! It's as if you have gone, Alice like , into another world.
    What next?

  2. BC - Intrigued? Any landscape photos would be a bit boring. It is mostly agricultural but at least you can see over the hedges and there are many panoramic views that would not be shown with photos easily.. so I pick out oddities . Those photos of stiles never convey their shortcomings properly - steep ditches seem to get flattened.

  3. I must have passed many hundreds of anglers on canals, rivers and lakes over the years, yet can only think of two occasions when I've seen evidence of anyone catching anything. It's not a pastime I understand, but maybe they think the same about me as I walk/run/hobble past.

    The worst stile I have ever encountered involved a knotted rope to haul myself up an almost vertical bank. I made it over the stile and down the other side before I realised that my path veered off just before it and thus I had to reverse the whole manoeuvre.