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Monday, 8 July 2019


8th July 2019

Today I found an iPhone near Hardberry Hill - NY 932 288.

I have posted on Facebook:

If this link works please share, otherwise do the same if you can find me on Facebook. I'm not sure how it works for this sort of thing.


  1. I wish you luck in finding the owner of phone.
    In these days of instant technology there should be a chance.
    The owner may be able locate it if you leave it switched on.

  2. try this

  3. BC and gimmer - I inadvertently replied to gimmer by email having received email notification of his comment so just to sum up here are points I made:

    Yes, I have fully charged the phone. No service provider is indicated - Siri is not available. It is also password protected. I have posted on Facebook and sent info. to the TGO magazine where they do often publish finds. I also left my contact details at the only house in the remote area within fifty yards of where I parked my car.

    We have both surmised that the owner has written the phone off and most likely claimed on insurance for which they would be quite justified and the likely course most of us would have taken.