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Thursday, 18 July 2019


A few days ago my son told me he’d seen a large frog in my garage but it had  scampered off. I left the door open for long periods afterwards and kept s nervous lookout. I am sorry to say I am frightened of frogs - I think it’s their unpredictability, and I would have to summon up courage from the depths to pick one up.. Today I grabbed some shopping bags from the floor near the garage door and I was simultaneously startled almost to cardiac arrest as the frog jumped up and shot off into a narrow dark corner between a chest of drawers and the garage door where long handled gardening implements are stored. I have to say it was big.  There was no way I was going to pursue it, rather regroup and formulate Plan B.

Whilst pondering I had a call from my friendly plumber Phil to ask if he could come and service the boiler in the garage. Phil arrived and we chatted and I casually told him about Froggy. Phil is a friend and a great guy, always cheerful and with a positive attitude, and additionally not over frightened of frogs, although when he offered to help I notice he first donned a substantial pair of gloves. I carefully moved all the gardening tools and Phil went in.

Froggy was transferred to s cool spot underneath the large Hydrangea in my garden.

I am expecting a larger than usual bill for servicing my boiler.

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  1. Not much activity on your posts since the giant frog took up residence.
    Are you still frightened to leave the house?

  2. BC and Afoot - I am treading carefully. A new post has just gone up.

  3. I have handled frogs and toads Conrad but I understand your reservation. We have a good friend in the village who is terrified of them.