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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Trig points OS Sheet 91 - Hardberry Hill and Raven Hills

Monday 8th July 2019 - Raven Hills - NY 966 277 and Hardberry Hill - NY 932 288

Raven Hills was one hour each way from the road above Middleton in Teesdale. This is a nondescript hill with hard going through heather beyond the field intakes. There was a fine view of Selsett reservoir from the summit.

A fifteen minute drive took me to the start for Hardberry Hill. The landscape there is full of old mine workings. Hardberry was more interesting than Raven. I found an iPhone a few hundred yards from the summit. The phone is working but there is no service provider and it is password protected. I have posted the find at all locations I can think of.
Selsett  reservoir from Raven Hills

Old mine workings near Hardberry Hill

Hardberry Hill



On my recent ascent of Meldon Hill - NY 772 291 I found the trig pillar demolished and had the following correspondence with Ordnance Survey:

I am a keen fell walker and highly value the services provided by yourselves. Yesterday (18th June 2019) I visited Meldon Hill - NY 772 291. The trig pillar has been reduced to rubble and the surveying star is lying forlornly by the side. I wonder why and how? It would take considerable effort to achieve this, especially without the aid of mechanical equipment, and if it had been done as a matter of policy I would have thought the mess would have been tidied away. I would be interested to hear your comments.Ord. Survey.

Hello Conrad,

The Technical Team have confirmed that if we are going to destroy a pillar it is cleared away completely, so in this case it looks like a case of vandalism.

I have also let our Cartography team know to remove the symbol the next time the paper mapping - Explorer and Landranger - for the area is reprinted. There is no planned revision date at present.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards

Linda Prentice 

Customer Service Adviser, Customer Services

Hi Linda Prentice,

Thanks for your reply. I know that triangulation pillars are no longer used but they provide interest and pleasure for outdoor types like me which is demonstrated by my current project to visit them all on OS 1:50 Sheet 91. I have already done the same on 97 and 98. So I am saddened to read that your policy is to delete them from the map if they are removed one way or another. I understand that it would be misleading to have a symbol for something that didn’t exist, but perhaps you could have a different one for “ex-trig points?”

Regards,Conrad Robinson. 


  1. I recall that on my visit to Nine Barrow Down (I've not double checked that name, but I'm sure I'm not more than a letter or two amiss) the trig point was in one piece, but lying on its side some way from where it should have been. I wonder if that qualifies for the removal of the symbol from the map, or the moving of it to where the trig now lies?

  2. gayle - Nine Barrows is one that we had an exchange of comments about when I did it for my English Marilyns. You may wish to query your thoughts with OS - good luck, but I don't think they will rise to such humour. It could be a good subject for a Phd?

    See my post if you want: