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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Angles Way - Day 3

wednseday 18 th September 2019. Diss to Mendham -  14.3 miles

A rare 7:00 am breakfast. The Park Hotel was pretty good - professional.

Photos below show the mere at Diss and Diss centre.

Again all paths well trimmed giving easy and pleasant walking - full sun all day. Even  crop field edges , my bête noir, have good paths and not ploughed out to the edges.

Off my path to the right a good clean wide track lead down to a picturesque ford. Somebody had dumped a black dog poo bag in the middle of the path making a sickening contrast with the light colour of the track. Have these people heard some myth that there are roaming collectors who come and pick these things up?

Until I got to Harleston today, only three kms. from my destination I have walked for one and three quarter days without passing anywhere that I may have bought something. I have met about half a dozen dog walkers and one walking group, and this on one of our recognised nstionsl long distance paths.

I  am booked in at the Sir Alfred Munnjngs Hotel. I think he came from these parts. There are many prints of his horses but the reply was in the negative when I added if they had any originals.


  1. Looks as though all going well, too well?.
    We had a drink in Sir Alfred Munnings and moved on, didn't realise the horse painting connection.

  2. Now you've walked a couple of days, I decided it was time to look at a map and educate myself as to where the Angles Way goes, as it's not a route I can remember reading about. How did you come across it?

  3. So far, so good. Sounds like an excellent walk.

  4. JP - it turned out to be a good stay. At least the lady knew about Sir Alfred which was not the case with the Dam Busters pub I started at on my Mc Milan Way walk. The place was adorned with photos and the village had a huge memorial. The bar staff knew nothing about the DBS when I asked “ we shall always remember” eh?


    Gayle - can’t remember how but as soon as I mentioned it to Bowland Climber he of course had walked it as with practically every other ldp in the country.


    Ruth - not far from home for you?