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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Farleton View

Thursday walk with Pete.
3rd. October 2019 - Farleton View Café

This blog has highlighted my predilection for cafés; when I'm on a long walk I sometimes pass one without stopping. That would only be because it was too soon after being in the previous one, or dread of dreads because I had elected to assuage my hunger and thirst by partaking of my inferior victuals earlier gambling on not finding a café at all. Time may also be a factor when getting to my destination at an acceptable hour is the priority, or that I am so near a destination where facilities will be available that the café becomes redundant.

Pete is a modest consumer of refreshment and conservatively prefers to stick to our routine of walk followed by our unmissable finish at Café Ambio. So, today when I saw a sign to a café at the start of our walk I didn't even think about the possibility of taking advantage. However, on arriving at Farleton View Café and Fishery Pete astonished me by suggesting we stop for a coffee (at Ambio we always take tea.)

I have been in this pleasantly refined venue several years ago. We had 9.5 out of 10 coffee and excellent cake, homemade by Julie. The clientele were mainly of an age but making more noise with their enthusiastic chatter than  a bunch of teenagers and table service was provided by friendly mature ladies. 'Twas a pleasant, lively middle class atmosphere.

Refreshed we continued with our walk down an almost unused country lane. Pete estimates his comfortable distance to allow for our return and any uphill therein, and we turn and walk back. We have more or less exhausted circular walks that suit our parameters within satisfactory driving distance. On this occasion our turning point was within sight of Café Ambio only about half a kilometre away.  Of course we ended up there and for the first time ever had two café stops.

The café sign is just behind us here - only half a mile to go

Arriving here I remembered being on a bike ride and meeting a farmer on this bridge resulting in one of my better posts which I have the conceit to say is worth a re-read CLICK HERE
It confirms my previous visit to Farleton View Café - it was in 2012

At the entrance to the café - I sent a copy of this to granddaughter Katie

Pete after the first of two refreshments

Blue line shows our there and back route


  1. Nice bike! (What is/was it?)

  2. KGs - That was a relatively inexpensive Claud Butler - less than £500. Stupidly I sold it and bought a hybrid which was useless in all respects. I then swapped that for another good mountain bike with my son. That bike proved to be too small, especially with my two knee replacements and I couldn't ride it properly so I have not cycled for about three years now.

  3. Shame that -I'd be completely lost without a bike! E-bikes not tempting? (Although very expensive!)

  4. As we passed by Cafe Ambio at the cattle market last Thursday we discussed the fact that you would be there later and, even though we didn't know when exactly 'later' would be, we agreed that it was a shame that we were undoubtedly too early to catch you by surprise by popping in to sample their wares ourselves.

  5. Gayle - What a pity. I can tell you that we are usually there from about 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm. on a Thursday but not Thursday 24th October when Pete is away.

  6. KGs - My friend BC was telling me of his own friends, let's say Bill and Sue. BC was driving and saw a familiar figure on a bike toiling hard up a hill and recognised him as Bill, BUT most uncharacteristically wife Sue was way ahead up the hill. BC stopped for a chat with Bill and found that wife Sue had got an e-bike.

  7. Couldn't have put it better.
    You know the identity of those friends

  8. BC - Having run out of my own anecdotes for the moment I have now started using yours!

  9. BC - I note I also mentioned Heron Paper Mill. now corrected to Corn Mill.