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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Daily Stats

Saturday 25th July 2020

I am trying to write a new post with the new Blogger interface. When I go to Preview a box jumps up bottom left very briefly sayng "Preparing preview" then disappears and  nothing else happens. Anybody else having thst problem?

The pic below is just to see how it displays, but I've had to Publish rather than Preview.

Now see below.

I have now followed my commenter Michael Leddy's instructions:

Go to Safari in Menu bar

Select: "Settings for this website" - make sure the website you have open is the one where you want the pop-ups to work.

Enable: "pop-up windows."



  1. Not sure what you are trying to do there.
    Did you make the shortbread?
    I am a robot apparently.

  2. BC - Just random photos. I would normally use the Preview facility which works in the back room to show you how it will look when published. With the new format I can’t make that work. Therefore my only way to see what is happening is to publish in the public blog. I wanted to see how large I could make photos and just chose these at random. There are many complaints about this newly introduced format by Blogger

  3. I’ve tried the new design and switched back. But I just switched again to see if I would have the same problem. And I did. The way to fix it:

    The preview is apparently considered a pop-up window (thought it displays as a new tab for me). In Safari (or any other browser), you need to allow pop-up windows. So:

    Click on Safari in the menu bar.

    Click on Settings for This Website.

    For Pop-up Windows, click on whatever setting is displayed and change it to Allow. It doesn’t look like there are any other options there, but click and there will be.

    The new Blogger, which will at some point be the only option, is awful. For me it'll be one more reason to compose posts in the app MarsEdit. Downside: MarsEdit can’t upload images to Blogger. But that’s because of Google’s rules. My only connection to MarsEdit is that of a happy user.

    Please send shortbread. Thank you.

  4. How did I figure it out? I noticed "Pop-up window blocked" in the address bar — it flashes there and then disappears.

  5. Michael L - Thanks a lot for that. I did what you said (in Safari - I am also a Mac user but not starry eyed about that by any means.) Unfortunately there was no result. I still got the brief pop up saying "Preparing preview" with no further action. But, I then switched to Google Chrome and t works fine there - not sure if it would have done before I followed your instructions but I suspect it would have. Google and Amazon have ways of making you obey whilst they take over the world. I may, very reluctantly, have to make Chrome my default browser - oh dear!

    I am beginning to wonder about Amazon - they keep coming up with recommendations for items I have ONLY talked about with my son. I'm sure they have ears.

  6. Michael L - Oh joy! I realised that the "allow pop up" instruction refers only to the website you have open at the time and I was in my on-line blog. I have switched back to Blogger Dashboard and repeated and all works fine in Safari - Thanks again.

  7. I just tried with Chrome and everything works as it should there, no changes needed. I’m glad I could share something that worked. I’m turning it into a blog post — I’m guessing that many Blogger users will encounter this odd problem.

  8. I had hoped that the new interface would be an improvement, as I found the old one so tiresome that I seldom used it, but it sounds like they've just introduced different problems. I shall stick with my current method of posting, which whilst at home involves Microsoft Word on my laptop, an email to get the text to my phone, then two different Apps, one to post the text and the other for the photos. It sounds complicated and clunky, but works (although I confess, I seldom look at a preview, which does perhaps show in my end results!).