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Monday, 13 July 2020

Thumbs up for D of E

Today I was looking for a  photo. All my photos are in Pictures, a 175gb. file. The photos are in separate titled folders so that I can usually find what I want but occasionally I need more detective work and browsing and so it was today. I was seeing all kinds of forgotten happenings and having a good old nostalgia trip when  I came across the photo below.

Often I have met parties of youngsters embarked on their Duke of Edinburgh journeys and they are almost always cheerful and I have a soft spot for them. I suppose for some it will be a once only, never to be forgotten adventure, but for others the spur to set them on a course to provide pleasure and enjoyment for the rest of their lives.

One thing that strikes me is that nobody seems to have shown these adventurers how to pack a rucksack and I have from time to time had something to say about that. The photo below of a party leaving Lodge Hill above Castle Cary sums it all up.  I have noticed improvement by the time they are on their Gold.


  1. I know there are great D of E instructors out there, but some seem to either lack the knowledge and experience that I regard as being important to hold such a position of responsibility.
    I helped a 15 year old prepare for his D of E expedition, he ended up carrying very significantly less weight than most in his group. I strongly advised against him taking a mosquito net - an item that appear in the recommended kit list!
    I'm delighted and surprised that so many young D of Eers actually return to the outdoors, I'm pretty sure carrying all the recommended kit would put me off for life.

  2. The current D of e kit list is here:

  3. That picture is all too familiar but I suppose that's how I started and stuck with it.

  4. JJ - I had a look at that list - it is all a bit daunting but one can only really learn from experience. Unfortunately much of the answer is in buying expensive lightweight gear at a time when these guys can least afford it. Why do people still use matches when a foolproof cigarette gas lighter will be much more practical and no need to worry about it getting wet? Can you still buy matches?


    BC - I started with an ex-army bergen commando rucksack with a tubular steel frame. Apart from anything else, despite its multitude of adjustable webbing straps with brass ends it was horribly uncomfortable. I also fondly remember the Bukta Snipe tent.