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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Lancaster Canal - Borwick to Longlands

Thursday 1st July 2021. Lancaster Canal - Borwick to Longlands. 

Thursday walks with Pete have been resumed since Lockdown relaxation but not all recorded here.

A few years ago we walked the whole of the Lancaster Canal together on our day walks but Pete has had rheumatoid arthritis and he is now 86 and walks have become shorter but no less enjoyable, the principle raison d'être being to get together with an old friend.

Today we revisited on what is a short but perhaps the most attractive stretch from Borwick north to Longlands where the canal has been blocked on its way to Kendal in favour of the M6. We did walk on under a bridge that crosses the M6 to rejoin the canal which is still endowed with water but lock gates have been removed and it is no longer practical to navigate.

I am not a cicvil engineer, but when I looked closely at the infrastructure of canal versus M6 I could not see why it had necessitated blocking off the canal, and again, from my layman's viewpoint it doesn't look as though it would be a monumental job to re-connect. I do wonder why it was done at the time, and surely man's ingenuity could have avoided it?

Because of the perfect weather conditions and with early summer's vegetation at its peak the photos have come out well (he says modestly) and worth a click this time to enlarge for the slideshow.




See post on Facebook from my nephew below. I don't do Facebook so this the best I can do to spread the word. Sean is an accomplished businessman living comfortably in a fashionable east Yorkshire village which I suspect would make many think he was relatively safe, especially having been double-jabbed, but this thing can get anybody.

"Be warned, I have had two AstraZeneca vaccinations and have had a nasty spell of COVID for the last 5 days and still counting. I am concerned that everyone thinks they are invincible once they have been double jabbed. Believe me, you are not and it is not pleasant when you get the virus!!"


  1. Yes, that is a good stretch.
    I always think 'The Northern Reaches' is a little overoptimistic.
    The Covid cautionary tale will be one to reflect on when we are all let loose on 19th July. Caution is the word as our infection figures continue to rise. It will only take a slight swerve from the virus to plunge us into the next lockdown.

  2. C - I agree. It is not much further on that the water disappears and there is no more all the way to Kendal, and one is just waking through fields with a depression to indicate where the canal was, and one sees strange bridges in the middle of fields connecting nothing to nothing.

  3. I'm pleased to hear that your Thursday walks are reactivated. It's a shame about the Lancaster Canal.

  4. Phreerunner - I will be missing this Thursday with Pete. Bowland climber and I am resuming our OS Grid straight line walk with tomorrow. Four days walking to finish at the east coast from a three night hotel base north of Hull.

  5. Have a great walk, Conrad, and regards to BC.