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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Day 2

Old Stone Trough to  Worsthorne SD 886 187 Thursday 26th July
11.5 miles.

A good start with the high minor road to Foulridge giving marvellous views.

The Noyna Café in Foulridge provided a coffee stop. I had a good breakfast at the Stone Trough. I sent BC an email telling him I had slept in The Old Stone Trough (but not literally.)

The café husband was sat at a table reading the Daily Mail. His wife prepared the coffee. He was my first Jonah on this trip.

"How far are you going?"


"it's uphill all the way."

I politely told him I was following the canal.

The Leeds Liverpool was my route for most of the day after I had walked round the nearly empty Foulridge Reservoir. I passed the emergence of the famous canal tunnel.

At my Air B and B I had an excellent greeting from Gillian and husbandThey are kindred spirits, keen walkers and bikers. I had a ten minute walk to the Bay Horse in Worsthorne village and was told, quite rudely, that the kitchen was closed. Although in Lancashire this was redolent of the surly kind of customer relations I know all about in Yorkshire - I was born there and stayed until I was over thirty, so feel entitled to comment in this vane.

I walked back to Gillian's and was very kindly given a lift further down the road where I am now eating in s other pub where i appear to be othe only customer at 8:00 pm - not a good den- Nuffield said. If anybody wants a reference to this Air b snd b give me a call. I think precise details are reserved for the Air B and B website.

Doing these posts on the iPad is laborious to say the least do please put up with typos and miss -spells.


  1. In post above, should be "not a good sign" where all that about Nuffield came from I have no idea. I csn't easily go back to edit.

  2. obviously you were dreaming of a lift in a bull-nose Morris and predictive text read your sub-conscious - believe it, it will happen - one day
    those places don't look like stern northeast Lancs to me - more like in the effete southlands you love to disdain

    so good, so far - be wary but bold !

  3. I’d forget about the typos Conrad. We know what you mean and those of us who ‘blog on the go’ understand the problems only too well. Loved the Jonah encounter,

  4. No idea where you are but you seem to be making progress.
    Its good that you can fall back on honest peoples aid.
    You should sleep better in a proper bed tonight. ref stone trough.

  5. Gimmer - just looked back and Blogger can’t handle my occasional use of sort of slangy expressions . I meant to say “nuff said.”

    Afoot - good to know I’m in good company.


    BC - this Air B and B is faultless. Super people.

  6. You're probably already aware that today's forecast is for more of the hot - thankfully it should be cooling from tomorrow (Saturday).
    I'm rather annoyed that you were treated with such rudeness, there's really no excuse for that sort of thing - it's no wonder pubs are closing.
    I've become something of an AirBnB enthusiast, apart from one notable exception my stays have been very agreeable....although a couple have been a bit quirky.

    I'm standing by for the next episode...

  7. I'll save myself some typing and just say 'ditto' to everything Gibson already said.