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Friday, 27 July 2018

Day 3

Worsthorne to Whitworth SD 886 187

That was a really enjoyable Air band b last night.

Off to a good start good walking with extensive views . There must be loads of  good walks in these Lancashire hills and the attractive, stone built villages dating back to the Industrisl Re olution , but now mostly much prettified. I went in search of the Singing Kristi Whistling tree but never found it. Knowing it is perched on top of a hill it should have been easy but in the heat I gave it up as a bad job. I followed part of the Pennine Bridlesay on ancient tracks. I stopped at a cottage renovation asking for a refill of my water bottle. A young lad had been renovating this property for his sister for two years. He filled me up with delicious spring water.

I was getting tired and moving slowly until I came across a café in  Stacksteads - one mug of tea, a visit to the toilet and quite a long rest had me like a new man, BUT...

A steep, pathless grass climb took me up to the unnamed moor showing a footpath bee lining for Whitworrh across Briannia Quarries. From here on an enjoyable day’s walking turned into a minor epic. The footpath, very indistinct, took me to the edge of the quarry marked on the map. The quarry is still being worked. I have since learned the footpath is closed whatever that means The path disappeared. I spent ages trying to find the  track leafing leading down to the reservoir and into Whtiworth but I was stalled by up and down  spoil heaps, tracks—and barbed wire fences - I actually cut some barbed wire going across the top of a gate. After much deliberation i had included some recently purchased wire cutters in my kit. I was eventually forced onnto the quarry access road. At least that would get me out to Whitworth...BUT after half a mile massive locked gates prevented me.I squeezed through some other fencing to gain access to an encampment for quarry workers and got the help of a young quarry guy who told me of a bent hole in the galavsnised fencing so off I went - there was no way I could get through. I went back and Young Man produced keys and unlocked the gates. I was now running late for my Air B and B but eventually got there hot and bothered. I then had limited time to shower, rinse through very sweaty clothing, and generally re-group. My hostess inferred the Red Lion was in z"walking distance..  I phoned them and was only able to book for 7:45 so off I set leaving some of my chores undone. It turned out to be over s mile's walk! I was bushed again when i arrived, just in time. I managed to knock over my first pint, due to fatigue and a sweet covered body. I didn't feel hungry despot having Estonia nothin midday, snd most un characteristically for me , had to leave an enjoyable smoked salmon and hot new potatoes salad - I just couldn't eat any more.

I ordered a taxi to get mr bsck to b snd b.


  1. I have spent ages typing that post and couldn't get in there to correct and add. Doing these posts on th iPad is very hard work, but that is the way i want to present my walk snd so I battle on. Photos tomorrow, hopefully.

  2. Every time i try to do anything Google makes me log in with email and password - it's unbearable.

  3. As much as such trials serve to make a day memorable (except the technological ones - they're just annoying) I hope that today goes more smoothly for you.

  4. Gayl- it wasn't too bad but what frustrates is arriving so late you don't have time to. Do all the chores and time just runs out. I suppose I make it hard for myself blogging on the go - it foes take a lot of time.

  5. Shame you didn't find the Singing Ringing Tree, it's well worth a visit. Just catching up, having been away.