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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Day 7

Thelwall to Northwich - Tuesday 31st August - about 15 miles

My Air B and B at Thelwall was excellent . A very pleasant welcome (with tea) and much good conversation.

My meal in the Little Manor was a bit of an expensive blow out. My main  was a crispy beef salad with a sweet chilli sauce , and cashew nuts, something new to me . The subtle combination of salad ingredients and the overall balance of tastes was superb - these things don't happen with some chef coming up with something that seemed like a good idea at the time, it takes skill, knowledge and experience to get such things right.

Walking was on a mixture of country lanes, footpaths, death defying A road, motorway link roundabouts, and the odd crop field margin. It's surprising how many farm tracks have now been tarmaced. I hardly saw anybody all day and must confess it was a bit lonely. At one point I walked one kilometre on the wrong road and had to re-trace steps.

I had a sandwich, tea  stop at Arley Hall café amongst many greys. Nearly everybody was foreign - it was very busy.

Walking through Northwich  was hectic negotiating correct entries and exits from roundabouts with crazy streaming traffic in all directions.

I had a super welcome at my Air b snd b. Almost in the centre of town. I had a whole pot of tea - what would we (or I) do without it. The house and room are immaculate.

I am now eating in the Bombay Quay Indian restaurant only five minutes walk from th b snd b snd all is most enjoyable.

Arley Hall café.

Great Budworth - pretty.


  1. Hi Dad,sounds like you are enjoying yourself.So proud of you.Pancake is not limping and using the window exit again! Take care.Will.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your curry.
    Good to see the walking is becoming more rural. Great area.
    I notice you are now doing 15 miles per day - more than the 10 to 12 you prepared for - don't want you to burn out. If accomodation is scarce always go for the lesser distance and enjoy it. Lecture over.
    By the way trying to comment is painful when I'm asked for the xth time by Captcha - are you a robot? No I'm not.

  3. NVU - good to hear from you. I noted your tribute to the English language!

    BC - you are quite right about the distances and I am trying hard to make things fit but just seems to be all or nothing. Searching for and booking is very time consuming. Google/Blogger is a nightmare. Every single time I do anything on the iPad it insists I log in again with email and password, and that is only one of the niggles. The curry was great.

    1. Sir Hugh - having to sign on a mobile device before posting or commenting seems to be the norm. It is irritating.

    2. Perhaps an IOS vs Android issue? I'm on Android (which is permanently associated with my Google account) and can't think that I've ever been asked to sign in again.

      (I acknowledge, as I type, that this isn't a remotely helpful comment for a number of reasons, unless you happen to be in the market for a new mobile device and are on the fence as to system choice.)

  4. Glad to hear your accommodation and food is good. It helps a lot. Blogger is being a pain. I never use captcha, I just post it and it goes. Try it.
    Weather should be a bit better than of late. Enjoy.

  5. I fear I have little constructive to say about your heroic resumption of this pilgrimage. Sentences two and three of this post may give you some slight hint, but I am for the moment renouncing my role as Pedagogue to the World and opting instead for silence.

    Perversely I commented some days ago on a more distant post (together with another I have just come from). You didn't re-comment and since you are usually punctilious in this I am left with two possibilities: (a) that it encouraged you to be silent, (b) that you were unaware of its existence.

    Just passing through.

  6. Afoot - it only happens on th I Pad not in th iPhone.


    Alan R - I also ignor Captcha and it works without.


    Gayle - no plans to change - will just have to put up with what I've got.


    RR I have spent two hours this morning posting and answering. I no longer get email notifications of comments and have to forage elsewhere, especially on older posts. I will have a look later snd try snd respond.

  7. RR - I have gone back and commented on Invasion of Barbion but don’t find anything further back. As for your comment here I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Blogging on the hoof is very time consuming. At the end of a day there isn’t much time to catch up with it all, do laundry, book ahead, chat to one’s host and get to the pub for a meal.

  8. But if the blogging is such a burden (and the quality suggests it is - revisit those sentences I mention) why not write fewer but better-chosen words? Or create a grid of tick-boxes so that the appropriate adjectives can be alluded to without effort.

    Perhaps the word "whinge" and the etiquette it enshrines need re-examination. I think one may whinge about the unforeseen but to whinge about an inescapable activity that forms part of a project you have willingly undertaken reflects on your own short-sightedness. Of course there are ways round this. One may whinge about, say, fatigue, an immediately foreseeable aspect of your project, provided you do so light-heartedly, jokily. To be po-faced about fatigue might well be taken as a solicitation for sympathy. Or that your heart may not be in what you're doing (Remember your passage through the Languedoc.)

    Clarification point: I am not saying you have whinged about fatigue. I'm employing it as A USEFUL EXAMPLE.

    Incidentally I do notice a Hovis tendency over the past few months: in brief, new is bad, old is good. All the more ironic since I presume you often use a smartphone to advance this philosophy. Faintly but there.