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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Day 4

Whitworth to Middleton - Saturday 28th July - about 12 miles

Some good walking, partly on bits of The Pennine Bridleway, and the Burnley Way. From those samples I reckon they are worthwhile routes using old lanes, some cobbled and paved. They may look pretty but not comfortable to walk on. At one place I lost the plot with my navigation and did a bit of wandering but all came good. A petrol station provided refreshment at the right time. It had rained in the night and I had two short but heavy showers - they were quite welcome after the drought.

The hotel in Middleton reflects its price. A clean room with not even a chair, toilet and shower well up the corridor somewhere , breakfast not served,, but what the heck it's a comfortable bed for the night. Weatherspoons is just across the road. On entering the din was like a football match in full swing but I found a relatively quiet corner and ate well for surprisingly little cost.

I am in the town centre and every few minutes there is the raucous sound of a car without exhaust being driven at speed by some nutcase who must think it sounds good. If I tried to do that I'd be in the cells overnight with my car confiscated - how do they get away with it?

That last one is the way ahead on a public footpath - I think it's Himalayan Balsam - hard going for a while.


  1. Not many people stay in Middleton, hope you survive.
    I'm interested how you will get round or through Manchester - ?Rochdale Canal.
    Looks like head down walking today in the rain.

  2. I think you may have passed close by AlanR's house.
    Blustery showers forecast for today, take care.

  3. You deserve an award for Bravery staying in Mid. As JJ says. You walked past my house and we would have put you up had we known. If ever you are here again just message me. Did you by any chance stay in the Asherton.

  4. All - I certainly share your misgivings about Middleton. Yes it was the Asheton or however it is spelled. Although the bedding and room were clean it was Spartan. The whole atmosphere was like some kind of cover-up for a drugs racket. The weather put the final seal on the whole experience, but I suppose this is all part of the reason for doing these trails

    Very sorry to have missed Mr and Mrs Alsn R, it would have been great to meet up.