Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Replies to comments

John Proud- I have no way of calculating accurate mileages on the hoof. For my own approximation I use the one kilometre grid squares. Suffice to say at my advanced years I reckon I normally do about sixteen miles, and it is most unlikely that I will exceed twenty. If I do an unusually short day I would comment accordingly.
BB -thanks for your editorial input - I mean it. I reserve the right to claim any spelling mistakes as typos or aberrations of iPhone's predictive word system. A recent email to Mick and Gayle had the word "emails" vetoedy with "emasculation" as the substitute.
The crux is the hardest part in my book.
I know little of Lochivar whichever direction he came from. On this walk I suppose I will travel in all directions at various different times, but, never, I hope all at the same time.
High Horse- thanks for the encouragement. Take care!

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