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Monday, 9 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk Prestatyn to Mancot (nr. Queensferry)

Monday 9th May - day 20
Great news today: Mick and Gayle have successfully completed their Lowestoft to Ardamurchan walk after a fair amount of adversity - a very worthy achievement.
Today I rounded The Point of Ayr turning the corner to head inland. After that I did some embankment walking following the Dee.
At one point I thought I was seeing things when a large ship appeared blocking the pathway some distance ahead. This turned out to be The Duke of ???, a rusting hulk in s sort of dry dock, and damn it I've forgotten what it was the duke of, but I reckon a bit of Googling will find out what the story is.
The rest was a plod down the main road through Flint, where I managed to miss a massive downpour by sitting in a cafe. I still had to continue wearing wets, but by late afternoon it has cleared up.
The urban walking u
Is always interesting with varied things to look at. The Connah's Quay Power Station presents an interesting bit of architecture - quite pleasing to contemplate except that its lines tend to be interrupted by the many surroundjng pylons and wires.
I am camped at Aston Hall Farm Park which is like a mini zoo. When I arrived the place seemed to be deserted. After finding someone and paying the £12 fee (which includes free viewing of the livestock) I had a look around. There are many kinds of birds in cages and various other forms of wildlife. I sm not too keen on seeing animals in captivity like this. Every so often strange shrieking noises occur including that dreadful peacock sound; I wonder what kind of a night I am going to have? No doubt I will not need an alarm clock in the morning.
I have left the Mili charger charging in the gents, and I hope it will be ok - there are few people about and the whole place has an air of desolation

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  1. That ship's the TSS Duke of Lancaster - refers

  2. Oooh, a real computer (in Fort William library) means that I can post a comment!

    Analysing how the walk went (which, trapped in the tent in the rain last night, was something we did at reasonable length!) the adversity we faced was only my feet falling apart in week 2, and half of our kit falling apart as the walk went on. Happily, the weather was extraordinarily kind and the terrain was almost entirely friendly. It certainly could have been a whole lot worse.

    Overall, it was a good walk and one that I enjoyed.

    Glad to see that yours is going pretty well (even if you did have to walk through Prestatyn and Rhyl!), and hope that the weather is perking up in Wales (there's currently no sign to the end of the rain in Fort William).