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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Chepstow to Redwick

Thursday 26th May - day 37
It was raIning when I set off and the tent had been packed wet.
I had a lot of messing about shopping in Chepstow.
At the St Pierre Golf Club there was a short footpath on the map to a farm and then road. I went into the pro shop for directions and had excellent coffee from their machine. The next hour was a nightmare. Because I did not use the gps straightaway I wasted time tracking backwards and forwards. Even with the gos I had difficulty. I eventually found a very indistinct path leading off the back of a golf tee into undergrowth and woods . This was one of the worst navigation exercises I have experienced for some time.
The ankle is still painful, and I have stopped and started many times donning and doffing waterproofs. It has all been a bit tiresome. At my target destination I found a man and his wife putting up hanging baskets at the pub. The pub was closed until 6:00 and did not do accommodation. Colin and wife told me of an expensive guest house up the road, but then they said I could camp in their garden a couple of hundred yards down the road. They have a large house and garden - Colin is a building contractor. I was given tea and biscuits on arrival and there is an outside water tap and an outside toilet, but I do intend to eat in the pub - more later.
Back from the pub (The Rose Inn) which was ok but overpriced and lacking in presentation or preparation, except perhaps the bread and butter pudding which had a good homemade quality about it. One thing that happens a lot is the side salad that accompanies a starter and the main course being exactly the same for both demonstrating lack of imagination from the chef and inducing boredom for the customer.
Once again many thanks to Colin and wife for their friendliness and willingness to help out this geriatric old tramp about whom they knew nothing.

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