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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Bronygarth to Llansantffraid

Saturday 14th May - day 25
I walked part of Offa's Dyke today. Everything is suddenly much more hilly again. In order to keep as close as I can to the border I went off on other tracks and at one point was attacked by three collie dogs in a farmyard. The farmer was loading his car and just ignored my problem until I shouted out, and then he m halfheartedly called the dogs off. I was not bitten but I think I would have been without the intervention. Immediately after this there was a choice of four radiating paths, and in my disturbed state from the dog thing I took the wrong one which I followed for a mile before finding out, and then had to walk a mile back. I lost about threequarters of an hour. Further on the path shown on the map went over a stile to descend an almost vertical gully of grass, nettles and brambles that looked as though nobody had been there for the last fifty years. I part descended then returned and tried another track which was obviously wrong, and went back to the first one. I managed to tumble half way down and ended up lying in a bed of mature nettles, and had difficulty getting back up with my rucksack on.
This has also been a day of many faffs. Stopping many times to don or doff wets, stopping to attend to new blister arising from
replacement boots, stopping to beg for water and stopping to ascertain position with the gps. The latter faff can be lengthy waiting for the gadget to connect with satellites.
I eventually got to Pen y bont but the pub was full and so I has to walk another three miles to a site shown on the map. This is a static and tourer site but there was nobody to book me in so after talking to a tourer family who gave me a cup of tea I have pitched and eaten. Access to toilets does not need a key or code so it looks as though I might have a free night. I have walked over 20 miles today, a lot of it up some very steep road hills and I reckon it has been the toughest day so far.

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  1. Glad you've arrived safe and still in good spirits after your adventurous day Sir Hugh.