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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - White Grit to Anchor

Wednesday 18th May - day 29
Today featured The Kerry Ridgeway, an ancient elevated highway part on Tarmac and part unsurfaced. Unfortunately there was a high double hedge to the right of the Tarmac which would have enclosed the original trackway, but now serves to block most of the panoramic views. Halfway along rain started and the wind was blowing, it was quite raw up there. When you see these vast, almost uninhabited panoramas, and then consider the multi million population of the UK you wonder where they all are.
My target was a camp site next to a pub identified from this year's Camping and Caravan Club guide. At Anchor. The pub looked as though it had closed down twenty years ago, all tumble down, peeling paint, rotten window frames, and all sorts of debris scattered around, and nobody about. When i found the campsite a couple of hundred yards up the road they said the pub was still operational, and I could have eaten there but for a recent family bereavement.. The site people then booked me in at another pub in Beguildy about three miles down the road and they will chauffeur me there and back. I must say this continued Welsh good nature and helpfulness is much appreciated.
The blister is painful for the first half hour of walking, then it seems to settle down. One of the most useful forms of my various Elastoplasts js a roll of heavy duty proper fabric stuff about an inch wide which I think I inherited from visiting nurses when I had a leg problem two years ago. It sticks much better than the conventional strips, so I put this stuff round the edges like a frame and the whole dressing remains stable and in place, bur unfortunately it is now nearly used up.I hope I will not have need to come back to this subject again.

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