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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk- Llanelan (Hell's Mouth) to Cyndyn

Monday 2nd May - day 13
On the way back from the pub last night I was invited by a motor home couple to sit round a fire they had going, and along with a can of Carlsberg on top of the couple of pints of Jennings Cumbria I had at the pub we sat and chatted until about 10:00pm. The couple were from Bury and they had a trailer behind the motor home with a mini car, but they also have a Harley Davidson apiece which fit on the trailer as an alternative, so sometimes they bring the car and sometimes the bikes. They have done quite a lot of walking and have plans for an extended tour of Europe. It seems that insurance for more than a year for that purpose is a bit of a problem. We had good conversation, and I retired to my tent with my Hollowfill jacket reeking of wood smoke, but it got a good airing on the back of my rucksack today.
Hell's Mouth was a bit of a toil followed by a long road section to Aberadon, a pleasant little coastal village which had a couple of good cafes (bacon and egg bap and tea for me),and a Spar shop. I was able to glean useful information about shops and camp sites from another shop owner who was an ex rugby player (what else in Wales). He had kept fit running on the Coastal path and he was a good source of info.
I have now arrived At Bryn Mawr, a Caravan Club CL and have been offered to join the family for bacon egg and chips in half an hour or so. They are making the chips in a new fangled device that only uses an egg cup of of oil but takes three quarters of an hour to cook.
The Lyn peninsula and headlands and views of Bardsey Island gave been very impressive in bright sunshine providing a remarkably multiple coloured sea.
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