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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - nr Penley to Bronygarth nr Chirk

Friday 13th May - day 24
I must give a special mention to Mr and Mrs Richardson at Rosedale Park, Higher Penley. Their site is immaculate, and although they do not normally take tents they were particularly welcoming and helpful. This morning I was invited into the house for tea and toast and much conversation.
I navigated the twelve miles or so to Chirk using only my Memory Map gps which either shows a large area that is too small to read, or a small area magnified so you can't see the overall picture, but even though this was a complicated route I managed with no problem.
My route down the eastern border of Wales is almost devoid of towns where I am likely to be able to buy gas, and with some forethought I hoped to stock up in Chirk. None of the shops could oblige and I had to make a long detour to a garden centre on the southern outskirts then backtrack through Weston Rhyn where I enquired at the post office about camping sites. The village postmistress was very helpful and rang the owners of the site I am on now and confirmed I was ok to stay there. I am now camped on a pristine lawn in a delightful garden at The Old School House. The lady's husband instructed at Outward Bound schools (they are in their seventies now), and we had good conversation about The Lake District and outdoor pursuits, and I was also given tea.
In the last two days I have only covered about twenty four miles, and although I have no time pressures I can't help feeling that I need to do some catching up.

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