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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Llansanffraid to Coedway

Sunday 15th May - day 26
I left the site without finding anybody to pay this morning.
The first drama was finding a track I had on my route turned out to be private and I had to make detour.
My route followed the Afon Cain river for several kilometers and once again this was another rarely trodden way. I was in knee high wet grass, nettles and thistles for a large part of the time.
After yesterday I was still tired and was looking for a shorter day and was aiming for a pub at Melverley where there was also a campsite. I arrived about 2:00pm and it was really too early to stop. The pub did not do evening meals but did have accommodation. The next pub two miles down the road had no camp site and I didn't want to arrive there to find there was no room. The Melverley pub kindly telephoned and established I would be ok, and here I am now.
Since getting the replacement boots I have developed a nasty blister on my left heel and I have just operated on it with needle, a dressing, Germolene and much Elastoplast. This thing has been quite painful for a couple of days making me walk with a limp, hence another reason for a shorter day and an environment where I could tend to this problem as well as possible. I hope it is going to be no less painful tomorrow, and above all that it does not become infected.

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  1. I haven't read The Lord of the Rings (I'd rather open my veins) but sometimes it's as if you've strayed into Middle Earth. All these unknown and unpronounceable names. The Afon Cain river, forsooth! I see you now walk with a limp which sounds as though you're acting up your role. The next accessory will be a stave (yes, definitely a stave) with a Y bit at the top in which you'll rest your gnarled thumb. You'll christen your stave Nothung (Siegfried's sword) and you'll accost other walkers with fragments of arias from Götterdämmerung. The locals will hold you in awe and refer to you as the guy who cracked the benefits racket. I think it's time you left the area and went south where two LLs together (other than in jelly) are thought to be excessive.