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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Newland to Chepstow

Wednesday 25th May - day 36
My ankle was very painful this morning, and I had a scary time dodging the rush hour traffic on the B road from Newland to Redbrook, so it wasn't a good start. Once on the footpaths down the Wye I started using my poles, and they made a miraculous difference to the ankle. Further on I was supposed to pick up the Offa's Dyke path to run into Chepstow but it had been closed and incomprehensible notices erected, so I had another long dice with death on the B4228.
I am now on a small camp site outside the town and back to home cooking tonight
Looking at the map for tomorrow I can't identify anywhere to stay. I have tried ringing a couple of pubs but one did not do accommodation and I think others have closed down, so it looks a bit bleak at the moment, but something always turns up.

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  1. i think your ankle may be due to the luxury living - a few days abstinence - even a rest day perhaps - may do it a world of good

    could you expand on the incomprehensibility of the notices - was it the grammar, syntax or simply the language? was it possible to get some vague grasp of what they were on about or were they utterly bereft of meaning? or have aliens landed and taken over the path (or, more romantically, having wakened from their centuries of slumber, Offa's men are up in arms and on the march once more?)