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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Stanley Green to Penley

Thursday 12th May - day 23
My Inov8 Roclites have worn down to sponge rubber on the heels, and although I could continue for a while I am not going to be near a location where I could buy something else for some time. I phoned home and my daughter Jill has driven out to meet me today at Penley bringing some Merrell fabric/leather/Gortex boots that still have plenty of life left in them. I force marched to Penley. Along the way I came across a chap with a Shire horse and a hand held plough teaching himself and the horse how to do it the old way, and we had some chat. I met Jill at 12:45. I did some much needed shopping then we drove up the road for 1.5 miles and identified a camp site which is on my route, and then we continued to The Cross Foxes and had sandwiches and tea. We also downloaded all my photos to date onto a lap top. I had intended to be driven back to our meeting point at Penley so i could walk the one and a half miles to the site, and I now admit to a bit of cheating -I elected to be dropped off at the site.
Unfortunately I believe I have been punished for skipping that bit of road walking- I have now discovered that I have left my new A4 size Ortleib map case and the maps I need for tomorrow in the car. I reckon I can manage with my Memory Map gps which has all the mapping, and I do have the larger Ortlieb where I was storing my bank of map sheets and these have now been transferred to a plastic bag.
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  1. that sounds almost as much fun as shanghai-ing a tourist in his car, racing to St Martin Vesubie to buy Salomom Robobotties and taxiing back for dinner at la Boreon before France shut down 'pour le quatorze'.
    Comes to us all in the end.
    It seems you may have crossed the border without notifying the appropriate certifying authorities (Farndon shows up in England). We can allow one such withdrawl per month but any more will be penalised by loss of credibility - unless my map is wrong. of course!
    Well done so far - beats scrubbing toilets! Never mind, we have some lined up for you!