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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Farndon to Stanley Green (not near anywhere)

Wednesday 11 May day 22
Last night I ate well at The Farndon, a newly taken over pub in the village which I would recommend to anybody passing that way. I stayed at The Greyhound which was comfortable and welcoming with a good breakfast.

Today has been a journey through almost uninhabited rural countryside. Not a single shop has been passed. This morning I walked on part of The Marches Way, another of these rarely trodden paths given undue prominence on the OS map. Long wet grass prevailed with little indication of a path on the ground. On tracks farmers seem to be using ever heavier tractors leaving tracks giving a walking surface like sheets of twisted corrugated iron. Another problem I am now wise to is the stile upright post that is often used by birds as a perching post, and as you close a hand over the top you get a nice palm full of bird muck.
This site is the most secret location I have yet encountered for a listed site. When I arrived I was directed by the farmer back up the road I had come down completing a semi circle for about three quarters of a mile, and then about three hundred yards down a grass track off the road to a pond, and a rather lumpy field. There is a wc, open air, surrounded by a sort of wooden pallisade. Not much fun if it is raining. There js nobody else here and even if someone wanted to stay they would have difficulty finding the place.
This really is wilderness country and ther are almost no camping sites indicated so I sm not sure what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Hello,
    I have a 2 acre field near The Marches Way just south of Farndon.
    I'm rather interested in landscape history and open to ideas for awareness / multi-user overlap that suits traveller / farmer / local / dog-walker / wildlife etc. along this area...

  2. Meadowcopse - Thanks for your comment. I had a quick look at your interesting blog, and will read it in more detail later - it is like reading Thoreau's Walden.

    Looking again at this post and the OS map I am not sure what made me think I was on The Marches Way - I can't see it marked as such in that vicinity, but your comment seems to confirm my assumption. I was in the middle of my 1000 mile plus walk around the whole of the Welsh boundary and posting from my iPhone, hence a profusion of typos.

    Please feel free to comment when you wish, and if there are any other points you want to discuss you can email me on