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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Gyrn Goch (north of Trefor) to Caernarfon

Thursday 5th May - day 16
First of all, these Welsh names. I am aware of misspelling some of them when working from memory, but digging back into the rucksack for a map or other source that one has just put away can be more troublesome than you might expect.
It rained in the night, then stopped. The tent was dry until I was half way through packing up then it started again, so I was faced with packing a wet tent. It has rained on and off all day, but after fifteen days of good weather I can't really complain. Today has been all on Tarmac, but for a lot of the way the A 499 had a splendid, smooth cycle track.
I only had a couple of biscuits before setting off and held out little hope of anything else for sometime judging from the map, but at Clynnog Fawr there was a Londis where I had a good tuna mayonnaise bap and Aero chocolate. The two kind ladies running the shop also made me a cup of tea.
Leaving that unexpected oasis I sensed rubbing on my heel. These things must be dealt with straight away, but it was raining and I needed kit from rucksack, and a friendly environment to work in - now here is a tip for my fellow backpackers. I went into the village church and was able to perform my tasks in peace and quiet, but with a slight guilty conscience. I did put an offering in the box.
At Dinas Dinllie I was wet (only on the outside) and somewhat bedraggled and went into a dismal seaside cafe for tea and a cake. There was a very young girl serving with a mixture of strange coulours to her hair, and one lonely couple sat at a table - business was not brisk. Radio 1 was playing at fairly high volume- how anybody can listen to that stuff all day is beyond me.
I decided for a hotel or similar rather then putting up the wet tent in the continuing rain.
The TIO in Caerrnarfon recommended The Black Boy (reminds me of Little Black Sambo). I went there and they wanted £99 b and b. They told me of guest houses in Church Street nearby. One was full and at the other two nobody answered the door . I went back to the TIO. They now recommended the Bron Menai Guest House where I am comfortably installed for half the price, and they also do evening meals. Why couldn't the TIO have told me about this in the first place?
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