Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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John Proud - well done with your charity.
I do have the JHBell book. If my elder brother is reading this he might rightfully claim that the book belongs to him. According to another ex climber I met on the hills between Llanfairfrechan and Conway there is a Suicide Wall in Wales. I will have a look when I get back.
It seems more peaceful walking through the countryside. There is nobody about at all.
BG - thanks for the link. This is a fascinating story which I will likely research further when I return. I would like to know more about theI individual who set this madcap scheme afoot. Wikipedia only seems to refer to the companies concerned, but maybe I missed something. Poking about with the iPhone on the Internet is not too user friendly.
Gayle - whatever you say I think it was a great achievement, especially organising the logistics in Scotland.

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