Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - north of Aberadon to Morfa Nefyn

Tuesday 3rd May - day 14
Last night's meal with the family was enjoyable. The father had let out the land and has a business repairing machinery. The young girl had been to Bangor Uni and is teaching at a secondary school in Pwlleli. The conversation was free flowing. I had a bit of difficulty with the Welsh accent and I suppose they had the same with me. I hadn't realised until this trip how much Welsh is almost always the first language- that is what most people speak amongst themselves, and I think it is quite late in school before they start to learn English. This morning I was given a coffee before I departed. I must say that the Welsh peopl I have met on this trip have been generous, interesting to talk to, and willing to be helpful. So far I have not had a wrong word even though I have been inadvertently trespassing a couple of times.
The highlight of today was to be Whistling Sands. This is a beach where the sand is supposed to make strange noises when you walk on it. It failed to perform for me. I found myself trying to use all kinds of different walking techniques but to no avail- furthermore by diverting onto the beach I missed a sign for the Coastal Path and a bit later on found myself in a field enclosed by barbed wire with a bull which fortunately seemed to be in a lethargic mood. I managed to extricate myself without ripping any nf my very expensive, lightweight outdoor clothing.
At the end of today there was a peninsula projecting a kilometre from the coast which looked like an exciting place to visit on the nap. This actually turned out to be a golf course. At least I bagged a photo for my "signs" collection that said "Watch Out Golfers Playing Look Right" - presumably some new kind of ancillary game to golf?
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BG! said...

This is a great series of posts, Sir Hugh. Like others, I've had great fun decoding the texts.

"Watch Out - Golfers Playing. Look Right" (my punctuation) is obviously some sort of sartorial instruction :-)

Cyndyn said...

Helo, I'm glad that you enjoyed your meal. It was nice to have you with us - interesting conversation about your journies and art work. Our campsite that you stayd in was Cyndyn - Bryn Mawr is next door! Take care on the rest of the journey and take care. If you are ever in the aeria again, call in with us.