Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Arnside to Wetherby

Wednesday -18th June.

I am on the train!

Departed Arnside 6:06am. Changed at Manchester for Leeds. From there I bus to Wetherby where I will resume my walk that was interrupted a week or two ago when I returned to help Daughter with her redundancy problem.

As far as Wetherby the walk has passed through more or less familiar territory, but from Wetherby I feel I will be going more into the unknown and I am looking forward to that.

This is a day by day trip so I am not disclosing a destination or predicting how long I will be taking.

More later.

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Gayle said...

Exciting! Look forward to following along as your route unfolds.

ruthl said...

Glad you are back on the trail again.

High Horse said...

Yea! Dad is back on his adventures!

Sir Hugh said...

Ruth - good to hear from you again. How are you doing with your coast adventure?