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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Ludford to Goulceby

Going back to my first day on the VW I omitted to mention my ascent of the Marilyn, Normanby Top I think. There is no public right of way to this trig point and I diverted from a public footpath across the edges of crop fields and all the time there was intermittent blasts from 12 bore shotguns coming from most points of the compass. I arrived at a point where GPS told me I was within about thirty feet of the trig, but an eight foot high hedge barred the way. That hedge on my side led me back to the road and I decided to retreat in that direction. In my hot a bothered state with sweat running into my eyes I could easily have missed the trig point which appeared in my peripheral vision well nestled into the hedge and virtually concealed by undergrowth.

This morning my B and B lady, Anne at Tealby generously ran me back to the White Harte where I had finished my walking last night. That B and B was excellent set in a beautiful garden with various thoughtful touches and a characterful Old English Sheep Dog called Beau.

Walking down the Wolds has again been a delight and I have not had to hurry. I arrived here at a B and B where Sarah and Paddy were just setting off to the garden centre. They let me wait an hour or so in the summer house in the garden, and after walking all day I became quite cold. When they returned I showered and put on all the clothing I had and still lay on the bed shivering whereupon Paddy arrived with apologies for having no heating on which he attended to, but I was still shivering an hour later as I marched down to the pub to eat. The Three a Horseshoes provided good food and a friendly welcome. I had a long conversation with a German guy touring the UK on a motor bike, then a local couple who had done a number of long distance walks providing mutually interesting conversation.

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