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Monday, 23 June 2014

Caister to Ludford

Up till now the walk has been a means to an end. At Caister I joined the Viking Way. I had a splendid room and warm reception last night from an unadvertised B and B just across the road from the White Harte.

Walking today on the VW was a massive improvement on all the walking so far. This route follows the high ground of the Lincolnshire Wolds with panoramic views rivalling the Lakes for distance. Even crop field paths are well managed and the rolling countryside is fresh green and appealing to the eye.

As is so often I had been assured of "no problem " at the White Harte at Ludford for accommodation - they turned out to be closed on Mondays!

However the landlord took pity on me and telephoned a B and B in Tealby, a village 5km to the north I had already walked through, and then drove me back there. Anne, with a very appealing Old English Sheepdog, has a fabulous B and B set up with a proper tea pot and cake as a welcome, and she has agreed to drive me back south to where I left the V W this afternoon.

I am now eating in The Old Barn, Tealby. Excellent fish cakes and all the rest. I'm not a fan of Musak but they have Eva Cassidy going at just the right level to enjoy without being intrusive, and free wi-fi, so this post should go now at 7:10 pm.

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gimmer said...

have you packed a magic spell machine in your lightweight sack - a C21 Pied Piper's whistle drawing all to your aid, or is it the benign weather that is warming all hearts - whatever it it, you are doing something right!

Gayle said...

I remember Tealby (very attractive village!) from when we passed through on our East to West, but had no recollection of Ludford until I just had a tour on Street View and found the cafe where we called in for refreshments and Mick charged his phone. Amazing what you can remember when you can see a photo of a place!

High Horse said...

Good to see Random Acts of Kindness!