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Friday, 13 June 2014

Running out of road

It is eighteen months ago that we completed the final leg of the  Lancaster Preston canal. Since then I have devised endless circular walks of between four and seven miles all at less than half an hour's drive from home for my Thursday walks with Pete.

I have recently been finding it difficult to avoid covering previously trodden ground without going further afield, and this Thursday I had to accept a one kilometre overlap with a previous route, but we still walked on new found grass-in-the-middle lanes and decent footpaths around Winster, a region of characterful little green hills, abundant wild flowers, and all at peace with the world.

Quarter of a mile from return to the car we came to Winster Holy Trinity Church (C of E), a modest but attractive building using local Lakeland slate. The interior was immaculate and obviously well maintained. We sat outside on a welcome bench for quarter of an hour in peaceful contemplation as a huge group of ramblers filed past shouting down the line to each other warning of an approaching car - they were making their way back to their awaiting coach close to where we had parked. Our church visit was relevant to the most recent post on The Two Blonde's blog and I repeat the comment I made there: Say what you will about religion, but there is a palpable atmosphere in these places which seems to relax the soul and sooth the mind.

Our route is the thin red line. Part of a previous route in pink with blue waymarks encroaches.
Winster Church is marked by the cross just south of Howe Farm

Gilpin Mill. From here on I had a smudge on my lens. Thankfully I have been able to clean it.

Pete has a thorough knowledge of botany including all the Latin names but he didn't recognise this one- detail shot below. Any offers?

Northern Marsh Orchid... I think?

Winster Holy Trinity Church
I forgot to take my own pic and cribbed this poor effort from the church's website. The seat we relaxed on can just be made out in the corner to the right of the door.


Jill update

 A satisfactory settlement has been agreed


John J said...

Delighted to read that Jill's situation appears to have improved - albeit just to a 'satisfactory' level.

A nice walk by the way!


Anonymous said...

as the old hymn goes - something like - every new day is a new morning for the world - so repeating the route of a walk is not repeating the walk, but a walk in a new - renewed - world
we all have our own feelings about religion, but some places do exude holiness or sacredness - for me, the most such place is Iona - despite and maybe partially because of, the modern church. Most of them are old (ie hallowed by centuries of pilgrims, in the widest sense), small, simple and often remote, but can be in city centres and brand new. 'A still small space' is a phrase that echoes down from school and camp prayers.
So overdecorated churches or temples of any faith do not have that aura - maybe why the reformation 'happened'?

Anonymous said...

my instincts tell me it is a viburnum acerifolium Onondaga in its spring colouring

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - replied by email. I am under contract terms not to say too much about J, but the thing is settled and we can now look forward and get on with a productive life.


gimmer - It is strange. Even when sitting outside in the church yard with things going on outside the permitter of the church it seems as though there is an invisible soundproofing cocoon wrapped round the environs to promote that feeling of tranquility.

As for the shrub you may be correct. I will research further.