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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lincoln to Navenby


Breakfast at The Duke William together with a more convivial attitude from the landlord helped to partly redeem the bleak description last night.

The descent down Steep Street was interesting with a strange collection of gifty shops and antiquarian bookshops, and eccentric second hand goods sellers amongst various other more interesting than usual retailers.

It took a long time to clear the rougher southern end of the city, but eventually I was on a high contouring path through woods on the left with huge expansive views back to Lincoln and the surrounding countryside.

I was in a relaxed frame of mind having overcome the short lived "black dog" affliction from last night.

The walking continued on elevated land with those massive views to the right all the way. I seemed to be walking on the ancient footpaths specifically connecting a string of villages contrasting with the many artificial paths round crop fields of the past days. The village buildings are yellow sandstone, with quaint old cottages and classic English gardens, all immaculately tended - what I imagine visitors from the USA would drool about, but probably rarely see, except on guided tours round almost artificial versions. These villages are genuine residences, albeit for commuters to the larger surrounding towns, rather than second home holiday cottages so often found in the Yorkshire Dales.

You were right Gayle. This part of the walk is certainly worthwhile.

The Kings Head does not provide accommodation but I am installed straight across the road at a B and B. The King's Head is quite up market and I have just had a lamb steak presented with well balanced accompaniments.

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