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Friday, 20 June 2014

Howden to Garthorpe SE 854 190

A hot day largely on roads. I thought I was going to be able to walk the leve from Goole, but it was hopelessly overgrown. I was heading for this village where there is a pub but internet searching led me to believe it had closed so I stocked up with sandwich making food in Goole.

In the later afternoon I was plodding in baking sunshine down a long featureless road looking for somewhere to stop and lunch. A track led off on a sharp bend and it turned out to be RSPB Blactoft Sands. There were picnic tables in the shade - that is like winning the lottery on a trip like this.

The pub was closed and I had nowhere to stay. A local lady was very kind and told me about Rob the bus driver who was due in five minutes, and who also had a caravan site down the road. Rob arrived and gave me a lift to his fabulous site with his own built version of Fountains Abbey ( he had been a stone mason/builder). Despite needing to rush off for an appointment, which he phoned to reschedule for my sake, he made me tea (yes another cup of tea Gayle) and a very friendly welcome, and then went off leaving me the sole occupant of the site. There is a retired touring caravan next to my tent full of tourist info. And providing a comfortable sitting room - what luxury. On entering the caravan I got a great shock seeing a very attractive female standing inside the door, and another down the van with legs crossed up in the seat in a very appealing pose. They turned out to be shop window manikins!

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High Horse said...

I love that you always seem to nudge people's good will!
You will be pleased to know that you missed an emergency trip to Ikea today - what great timing Dad! Xx

Sir Hugh said...

HHS - I think Gayle next door would be on my side there.