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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Goulceby to Woodhall Spa

This morning I was given a good breakfast by my B and B lady. Her husband apparently works a night shift and was expected home later in the morning. Mrs was rushing off on some errand and left me to finish breakfast alone in the house and to vacate without locking any doors. Goulceby is a posh pretty village with apparently trusting residents.

Pleasant walking mainly on well maintained footpaths and a few crop fields brought me to Horncastle around midday. I half decided to stay there. Woodhall Spa was another six miles. The café, a bacon bap, double tea and toasted Lincolnshire fruit cake put me in the mood to go for it. It was a toil nearly all the way on a loosely surfaced ex railway track, but the last mile through Woodhall Spa golf course ( "the home of English golf") was more interesting. I think you'd need a few bucks to play round there. There were not many players evident, but the course looked immaculate.

I have booked in at another B and B and am eating in The Lancaster, a so called brasserie. The name and interior decor confirm a connection with The Dam Busters, photos etc. When I asked the bar staff exactly what that connection was they had no idea, not even heard of a The Dam Busters, went off to consult management and came back to say nobody knew! So much for "we will never forget them". When I ordered I asked if the chicken dish was on the bone, they said no. Part of it was. The food was good including a surprise amuse bouche in consideration of time taken to cook the main. I reckon the chef here is the only one who is competent. Shame.

I passed on my comments to the manager before leaving.

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gimmer said...

which is, of course, why history repeats itself.

John J said...

I echo Gimmer's comments.
Sad, shocking and worrying - in equal measure.

Ruth Livingstone said...

I think the Dam Buster squadron operated out of Woodhall Spa for a brief period (The Petwood Hotel was requisitioned by the RAF).

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - d'ccord.

JJ - even now, 24 hours later I still find this disturbing. See my next comment.

Ruth - pleased to hear from you again. I found out much more about the local connection since, including visiting the Dam Busters memorial this morning. All this area is steeped in that relevant history, and as always, I am emotionally overwhelmed by the scale and sacrifice of WW2. Even as I type I feel inadequate in expression of my feelings.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - Correction: d'accord

gimmer said...

just in time
sorry to hear about the knees - will speak 'later'