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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wetherby to Cawood (South east of Tadcaster)


thenuttyduckI wanted to make the Castle Inn here, they have a camping and caravan site. I departed Wetherby at 10:15 to do 17 plus miles. A bit tight for an old gent like me. I eventfully arrived at 6:15pm. A good site and I was only charged £5 when they found out I hadn't brought all my domestic appliances with me.

The walk had been a mixture of riverbank leve, Tarmac and farm tracks - generally pleasant and enjoyable. Stopped off in Tadcaster for tea and toasted tea cake.

Earlier I had a moment of panic. The IPad mini Memory Map was only showing in an unreadable dark purple until I realised I was trying to view through my newly acquired Polaroid clip-ons.

Why is the last two miles on these trips often a problem? I came into Cawood on a series of confusing farm tracks and then a very difficult to find footpath, but I staggered in eventually. For the first time I can remember I fell asleep in a pub - that was between main course and pudding. I was woken by a friendly Staffordshire bull terrier who was very interested in where my socks had been and then wanted to play ball.

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1 comment:

High Horse said...

Collecting dogs again already?!?!?!?
17 miles!!! Mmmm - seem to remember making a comment about that as you were leaving!