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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Cawood to Howden (North of Goole)

The garden centre round the corner from the Castle obliged by doing breakfast (bacon butty,tea and carrot cake) before they opened at 9:00am.

Roads, tracks through fields and later many kilometres on the leve of the River Ouse were the order of the day. Two problems. First a three hundred yard thrash ON A PUBLIC FOOTPATH through a crop of peas (I think) at chest height with two tractor ruts beneath intermittently filled with water.The crop was very nearly impenetrable, and it took me over half am hour.

Second, I walked over a mile up the wrong leve (elevated river bank) and had to retrace. I arrived in Barmby-on-the-Marsh at about 4:30. There was nowhere to stay. I found a resident, Bill who confirmed that. He took me into his splendid garden, gave me much needed tea and researched phone numbers for the two pubs in Howden 4 miles up the road and we phoned and reserved a room at the Wellington. I was whacked and didn't relish another 4 miles walking at that time, but Bill offered to drive me there. His village is a dead end and there is virtually no traffic on the road so hitching would have had unlikely success. That made up for the two downers during the day. I am not walking a named route so don't see this as cheating - anything goes on this trip.

The Wellington is well and tastefully appointed and the food well above average. I had lamb steak on a bed of olive smashed potato surrounded by a selection of freshly cooked veg.

Tomorrow's route seems to end in wilderness and I will have to try and get some information in Goole before launching off into the unknown. Not having brought any cooking equipment any food I decide to carry will need to be of the none cook variety.

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Gayle said...

Day 2 and you've already got complete strangers giving you cups of tea. I'm impressed, as always!

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer's comment posted by me.

it won’t let me comment so here is what i was trying to say

another storming start : how's the going (knee, lower weight sack, etc.)?
have you taken tea/coffee making kit - or are you relying solely - yet expectantly, of course - on your customary good fortune? !

well done - hope it went well today as well

John J said...

Hmmm, nobody ever offers *me* cups of tea!

AlanR said...

I'm impressed Conrad. Bill must have thought there was a reward out for your capture. Ha.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle- watch this space. There's more to come already.

Gimmer - no tea, no coffe, no powdered milk, no cup- a-soup, no gas, no stove.

JJ - do you think it would scupper my chances if I was with you?

Alan r. - I'm a sitting duck with my bright powder blue Golite rucksack, and my bright yellow Overboard waist pouch.