Friday, 18 June 2010

Day 6 - Stiffkey to Holme next the Sea

Thursday 17th June

I had already posted yesterday's report, or thought I had. I phone said it was posted but then the signal went and when I looked today it wasn't there, neither had it been saved. So that is why it is now rewritten a day late,

This morning the path from Stiffkey was a bit boring and continued so after Wells next the Sea . Then I walked along a vast wild, desolate beach dodging the waves as the tide came in and me trying to walk on the consolidated sand - always good fun. The light is very special with blue sea and a vague hint of glowing orange.

This was a long day because I needed to get to the next camp site on the map. I reckon I have done about twenty miles with quite a bit on Tarmac, but this can never be totally avoided on these kind of walks.

The camp site is small and family run and I was received by a ninety year old gent who could hardly walk with arthritis and was also deaf. I have left the Mili battery charger for my iPhone with him and am now in the pub having eaten. I hope I will be able to retrieve the Mili when I get back, if not it may be a late start in the morning.

I had some good chat in the pub with an elderly Scots guy and his wife and daughter.

On the site I chatted to a motor home couple from Defbyshire and they gave me a cup of tea.

I climbed my third stile today. Sandringham tomorrow with luck, but not, I think, as a guest of Her Majesty in either of the contexts that I know of that phrase.

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