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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 5 Cromer to Stiff Key

Wed 16th June

Not far out of Cromer I encountered the first hill on this trip - a bit of a shock.

Sherringham has a long and impressive promenade with beach huts. I stopped to congratulate the street cleaner guy on the prom's spotlessness. He said he was waiting for the tide to go out so that he could do the beach. He had seen a dead seal that was going to be left by the tide and he would have to deal with it - not your average street cleaner's job.

Out of Sherringham watching the golfers on their posh course to my left with skylarks singing, and on my right waves crashing and black headed gulls, and the wind at my back. It was a grand morning.

The path developed into a dyke sea defence giving splendid views. Approaching Cley Beach I saw an informal car park and jokingly asked a passer by where the ice cream van was. He pointed out an insignificant little van which turned out to be selling coffee. The van was all set up with a machine in the back and coffee was excellent. I stayed a while and munched my cheese and biscuits.

More idylic walking with abundant bird life. I saw and heard reed warblers, and then half a dozen avocets.

I camped at Stiff Key (pronounced stooky locally) a pleasant site and ate in the local pub.

Still only two stiles so far.

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