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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 4 - south of North Walsham to Cromer

TG 204 424 alt 88ft

Another enjoyable day of countryside walking. I planned this route with no prior knowledge using public and other paths and tracks shown on the OS map. So far, apart from a short stretch of track that turned out to be private, the paths have been easily identifiable, well defined and dry underfoot.

I am becoming a student of items thrown onto road verges from cars. When you se a McDonalds carton you wonder how far away the nearest outlet must be and why it took them so long to discard the trash. Today I saw a goat's milk carton - I wouldn't have expected the kind of person who drinks that product to be the same as a litter lout. Lucizade bottles still proliferate.

There have ben a few gentle inclines today after the absolute flatness of Norfolk.

I was heading for two camp sites shown on the map just west of Cromer and as I chugged up the road, glory be, the first one turned out to be The Caravan Club site. I am member and the standard of their sites is superior to any other. They even have a restaurant and a swimming pool here

Many happy returns to Liz today.

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