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Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 17 - Hornsea to Skipsea

After yesterday with more than twenty miles on the hottest day so far, I decided to have a short day today.

I shopped in Hornsea for tent pegs. The original Terra Nova ones lost their steel tips then the carbon shafts just split. I bought some small biodegradable plastic pegs in Lowestoft and they just snap into pieces with any pressure. I have had to settle for some rather large, red plastic pegs. The trouble is that the ground is so hard with lack of rain it is difficult to put pegs in at all.

It has been good to be back with the sea again, and the cliff path mostly delightful, but every so often the landscape is blotted with very badly planned, and often ramshackle static caravan sites. The last one at Skipsea, where I am now, took over the Coastal margin for a kilometer, so I had to walk inland where I have discovered this very well administered camping and caravan site. The lady gave me first hand information about walking to Bridlington on the beach, and she checked the tide tables for me.

I have had a shower and washed all my clothes and now intend to explore the village.

The stile count has mounted up a bit and now stands at sixteen.

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  1. Tent pegs: sounds like an application that could be solved with one of these modern compounds used in F1 cars. They'd probably cost less than £20 a go.

  2. BB - you can buy expensive tent pegs but I am not sure what they are made of. I have seen them being used by very pukka Caravan Club members erecting their awnings. Perhaps , when you have an idle moment between writing novels and playing solitaire you may Google tent pegs and find the most expensive ones. From my point of view weight is important.

  3. Conrad - I'd recommend titanium 'shepherd's crook' pins. They're not cheap (£11.50 for 6 at Ultralightoutdoorgear - there may be cheaper ones available), but they'll go into almost any ground and they're very strong (they're particularly good at getting into ground that's grass on top of gravel/stoniness - they work through the stones rather well). The only problem is wet ground, where you may need something a bit beefier for the ends of your Competition.

    We only carried titanium 'shepherds crooks' pins on our LEJOG, and did fine with just those. Having since had a few soft ground incidents, we now carry a couple of Y stakes, four titanium V stakes and six titanium pins.

    (oooh, verification word is 'Squally' - hope that's not true - particularly if you have tent peg issues)

  4. Gayle - thanks for your comprehensive advice. I think you could set yourself up as a backpacking consultant and do very well, but I suppose that would get in the way of backpacking?