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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Days 12 and 13

I am in cluding this next bit which relates to yesterday and is part of a rewrite.

From Boston I followed an old railway which also follows the River Witham. This a large canal like river with pleasure boats, but modest in number. The river has it's own magic, but the Lincolnshire country side tends to be a bit monotonous.

The caravan\camping site at Chapel Hill was very comercialised and the owners were not particularly friendly. the site is also next door to RAF Colingswood where it would seem jet fighter pilots are trained. Most of the time I was there two or three planes would be in the air at the same time at low level doing take offs and landings. The noise was awful . I ate in the local pub which was quite good but I was the only one eating. There was a group of locals talking and one in particular with a very loud voice who drowned everybody else out with boring anecdotes.

Day 11 Chapel Hill to Woodhall Spa

I was glad to leave Chapel Hill. The route continued to follow the R Witham mainly on a quiet Tarmac road passing various pleasant houses on one side and the pretty river on the other. I got a good sight of a Grebe on the river and saw many other birds.

At Woodhall Spa I rejected the first site which appeared to be a mess in somebody's back yard. I found the Camping and Caravan Club site. I went into town (a sort of imitation mini Harrogate failed).
Bought some Tyrozets (thanks Tom) and some stuff called Iglu for my sunburnt lips. This stuff puts a pseudo layer of skin on which is almost impossible to get off and made me look like a monster. I ate in the tent - InstantPotato and corned beef hash followed by fruit salad, coffee and biscuits.

Day 12 Woodhall Spa to Short Ferry
TF 085 719. alt 46ft !

More varied today but quite a lot on busy Tarmac. I met a guy just outside the village of Bardney and he walked and talked with me then invited me for a coffee when we got to his house in the village. He was a retired schoolteacher and had done quie a lot of walking including The Tour of Mont Blanc.

At Short Ferry I am staying on a Camping and Caravan Club CL. I think I should really have joined because it's members only but she just charged me £5.

Off to the local pub to eat and rehydrated it has been hot today.

If I loose this three day post I don't know if I will have the willpower to repeat it, and each time you do that it seems to get diluted.

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