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Friday, 18 June 2010

Day 7 - Holme on Sea to Sandringham

Reasonable walking but not as good as the last few days. I met a guy bird watching coming out of Hunstanton and chatted. He had been on expedition to Siberia spending weeks at a time on his own in total wilderness, but modest and very interesting. I could have stayed and talked all day with him.

I am on the Caravan and Camping Club site at Sandringham. Looking at my maps for the next few days it looks very bleak with no camp sites. Looks as though I may have to carry three days food and wild camp until I get past Boston. Finding water could be a problem. There are some farms marked on the map, but you never know if they are still occupied. I guess phone signal may also be a problem.

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  1. Hi Conrad,

    Sounds like you're having a jolly good time so far, even if today was less interesting than the first few days.

    I'm sure you'll manage to find somewhere to pitch on your way up to Boston (my motto of "something always turns up" hasn't yet failed me). Water is a bit more of a problem, isn't it? Particularly in the current warm weather. Hopefully you'll pass some habitation.

  2. Morning Dad!

    Just got Colin Mortlock's book - very good so far - he would approve of your adventure!

  3. Gayle - thanks for your comment. Hopefully answers will be forthcoming in the post I am just going to write

    High Horse - I look forward to Reading it when I get back.