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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Day 18 - Skipsea to Reighton

A wonderful two and threequarter hour walk along an immaculate beach from Skipsea to Bridlington. Bridlington was buzzing and I buzzed off as quickly as I could.

I was aiming for a site at Reighton but it was about twenty miles. At Marton there was a Brown Sign pointing to Bempton which was on my route and about five miles short of Reighton. The sign said "camping and caravan - Bempton - 1.5miles". That looked like good news. Arriving Bempton there was a very posh caravan site that didn't take tents, and a bit further on a Caravan Club CL which didn't take tents because it had no toilet facility. Having been wrongly informed by the Brown Sign I marched on towards Reighton on a moderately busy B road. One mile short of Reighton I found a C and C. Club CL, and there is a reputedly decent pub about three hundred yards up the road.

From brief conversation with people I have had today there is no doubt that I am back in Yorkshire.

Coming out of Bridlington toward the cliffs there is a line of seats along the path all with sea views. This line of seats extends for perhaps half a mile with seats at twenty foot intervals. All the seats are dedicated to loved ones who have passed away many with maudlin statements. I don't know how this is arranged but I found it a bit depressing.

I made a short cut today from my original route planning by missing out Flamborough Head.

Stile count still at sixteen.

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