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Monday, 21 June 2010

Day 10 - Near Fosdyke to Chapel Hill

TF 207 546

Breakfast at the Little Chef just up the road from the CL. Normally I wouldn't entertain a Little Chef but under these circumstances it is like a gift from heaven.

Hot and sunny all day. Arrived Boston about 11.30. Tourist Office has closed down. Found a dentist and they flatly refused to see me. They said two partners had left and they were severely stretched. They gave me the number for NHS Direct. I listened to many different options and music then spoke to some body who asked me endless questions, one of which was "where are you?" when I said Boston she said "where's that?" They then gave me a phone number. I rang. Despite my asking who I was speaking to this was never made clear, but it seemed to be some sort of clearing house for Boston dental appointments. I was told the next appt. Would be 11.0am tomorrow. I gave this up as a bad job. I think that it is just an inflamed gum and it has settled down a bit now so I plan to battle on for the moment with the help of Voltarol and Ibuprofen.

I walked out of Boston following the river north along a dismantled railway path for about five miles then another five miles on road to Chapel Hill. It has been very hot and that stretch from Boston was quite demanding. There is a pub here so I plant eat and rehydrated there tonight.

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