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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 9 - Sutton Bridge to near Fosdyke

TF 294 341

A longer day than expected, but first last night. I was just ready to go to the bar for water when Tom returned. He took me into his house and gave me a cup of tea. He is a domestic machine repairer, and we had a good long chat. Then his wife and daughter and two grandchildren arrived. Tom's so in law had died of cancer and Tom said he was a sort of surrogate father for the kids. He told me all the history of the bridge over the Neane next to his house, and of the port of Sutton. He was a very interesting and likeable guy.

Next morning (this morning) I was able to go accross to the bar for a monster breakfast for £4.95, so I didn't get walking until 8.45.

I walked right round the dykes to Fosdyke. This involved rraversing half of the bottom line of The Wash. Most of this was on knobbly turf and a bit hard going. There Is a large military firing range on this shore but fortunately it doesn't operate on Sundays, but part of it's infrastructure included quite a long length of Tarmac.

It took me 8 hours to Fosdyke where I found no accomodation. I was told that the Wagoner's rest a mile up the road would provide. It turned out to be a mile and a half, and at the one mile point I passed a Caravan Club CL site and dithered but pressed on. The wagoner's Rest was closed down so I had to walk back to the CL. It is all that extra walking you have to do sometimes after reaching your destination that spoils things a bit, but it has been a great day and this is a de luxe cl with a heated cabin with toilet and shower which I have all to myself. It is now 6.45. So I am going to eat.

Tomorrow I will get to Boston where I an going to have to try and find a dentist to sort out annoying toothache.

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  1. i hope we are going to get lots of top quality pics. to illuminate this foray across unknown far-away country!

  2. Memo to self: Please augment the expedition necessities list via the addition of a DIY dentistry kit. You'll save weight since the adjustable chair won't be necessary.

  3. Gimmer- I think my slide show will beat your last one. In number of pics taken, but you cheat by having an additional copy of each in RAW.

    BB - thanks for the suggestion. Somebody must do lightweight dentistry stuff. About the chair- it may be a good idea to have one - I can never find anywhere to sit down when I have the very occasional rest. If fitted with a sun shade this could become a valued item on future trips.